Indigenous Leadership Development Institute

As a Registered Professional Trainer through the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Jimmy is qualified to provide professional training on a number of topics including, but not limited to:

Conflict Resolution

Help employees understand the roots of lateral violence through a historical context and provide healthy tools and principles

How Government Works

How do we influence governments? What must be considered in getting the main issues on the agenda?

Effective Leadership

What is an Indigenous-specific view of leadership? How can First Nation values, teachings, and world views inform effective leadership?

Strategic Planning

How do I ensure I am focusing on the top priorities? How can a plan reflect the voices of all stakeholders?

Project Management

How can I structure my projects so that they are completed on time and on budget?

Social Capital

What is social cohesion/ Social Capital? Why was it mentioned in the National Indigenous Economic Strategy? How can a First Nation enhance their social capital?

Mediation and Negotiation

How can I effectively mediate internally within my community? How can I negotiate with external organizations with a rights-based perspective.

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