Economic Development Strategic Planning

This webinar highlights the importance of strategic planning for economic development in a First Nation context. The information provided is presented for the benefit of economic development officers, economic development directors, or elected First Nation leadership focusing on economic development. Regardless of the size, resources, location, opportunities, and threats facing a First Nation, strategic planning can facilitate the greatest possible impact for your First Nation. The webinar will provide an overview of a model for strategic planning and provide a template that can be used for recording and executing the strategic priorities.


Indigenizing the Cooperative Model

This webinar explores how Indigenous cultures and the co-operative can be molded together to create a model that is reflective of the values, principles, and aspirations of Indigenous peoples. The information in this webinar is based on a research project published by the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives that aims at encouraging urban Indigenous communities to consider the co-operative model as a Community Economic Development tool that may create opportunities for income generation while maintaining independence through self-determination. To read the research report or research summary click here!

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